Ever built a sandcastle? Most of us have as children, but there are some truly talented sand castle builders out there, turning basic sand into creative works of art. They sculpt sand into figures, animals and sea creatures, detailed architectural buildings, and other artistic forms, like this:

beach sand sculptures

Beach Sand Sculptures

If you’ve ever come across one of these sand sculptures on the beach, chances are you’ve asked, “How did they DO that?” We had the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes and get some expert advice from local sand sculptor, Rick Mungeam.

Rick Mungeam is The Sandman. Pretty much anything you can think of, ‘The Sandman’ can create in sand. Rick specializes in creating unique sand sculptures for weddings, marriage proposals, family beach portraits, corporate events, and other occasions. He runs his business, Beach Sand Sculptures, with the help of his wife, Capri. We got to see them both in action today behind the Whale’s Tail, working on a project for Destin Shines designed to promote awareness about keeping our beautiful beaches clean.

destin beach sand sculpture

What makes Destin sand special for building sandcastles?

The beaches in Destin hold clean, sugar white sand and our Emerald Coast water is spectacular; these make for a great sandcastle experience. As they say, “Location, Location, Location”!

Are there any special tools families should use when trying to build sandcastles on the beach in Destin?

Many regular kitchen tools such as ice cream scoops, melon ballers, pastry spatulas, even plastic knives, forks and spoons will work. Buckets with the bottoms cut out make the best forms and a plastic straw will allow pneumatic removal of sand from detailed areas.

What style of sandcastle is easiest for beginners?

Beginners should focus less on style and more on learning how to use the tools, how to use water with the sand, how the sand preforms and responds, proper set up, as well as basic tips and techniques.

If you could only give one piece of advice about building a sandcastle on the beach in Destin, what would it be?

You should NEVER attempt a sandcastle on your own without a Beach Sand Sculptures Professional Sandcastle Lesson! (Kidding!)

Use plenty of water!

If you’d like to learn more about building sandcastles and creating wonderful vacation memories in Destin, or would like fun-filled, hands-on instruction, Beach Sand Sculptures also offers special sandcastle building lessons. Contact him at Rick@BeachSandSculptures.com or 850-739-0550 for more details, and check him out on Facebook for more photos of his wonderful creations!

My kids were certainly inspired to get started playing in the sand…aren’t you?

build sand castle