We are proud to offer multiple captained Crab Island Tours for those who aren’t comfortable with, or don’t want to be responsible for, driving a boat. Book your seats and sit back and let the crew show you how to do Crab Island with one of these exciting activities:

The Crab Island Shuttle Boat

The Crab Island Shuttle Boat offers daily captained cruises to and from the popular Crab Island sandbar aboard a 31′ glass bottom tour boat. With seating capacity for up to 26 guests you can bring all of your friends or make new ones during your trip. Each seat on the tour boat directly faces the 25′ glass viewing area so you can explore underwater without leaving your seat on your way to Crab Island. You never know what you’ll see! Once you get to Crab Island, you can disembark and spend your time floating in the beautiful water or wandering around the sandbar and checking out the vendors’ offerings. (Please note: shuttle tickets include your transportation to and from Crab Island only. Vendors are separate businesses and are not included in the ticket price.) Click here for more information about the Crab Island Shuttle Boat.

The Crab Island Adventure Tour

Looking for adventure? The Crab Island Adventure Tour is the do-it-all experience you’ve been looking for! Including kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, shelling, an inflatable water park AND a separate stop at Crab Island to check out the festivities at the sandbar, this trip is guaranteed to wear you out. All of the activities are included in this exciting tour for one price-at a fraction of what you’d spend trying to do everything separately. Click here for more information on the Crab Island Adventure Tour.