If you’re not familiar with the term “bucket list”, it is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill, and life experiences you wish to experience before you die. Making a bucket list will help you to focus on creating a better life by doing those specific activities that you have always dreamed of. At Destin Vacation Boat Rentals, we are lucky enough to get to be able to help people cross activities off their bucket lists each year. Destin, FL offers many exciting experiences that are bucket list-worthy. If you are looking for ideas, start with this list of 7 bucket-list-worthy activities to try in Destin:

      1. Charter a yacht. The ultimate extravagance! Charter a yacht for your family and friends and spend a day at Crab Island soaking up the sun on the bow of the boat and enjoying the luxurious atmosphere that includes every comfort of home. An unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience! yacht charter private
      2. Sail off into the sunsetIf you dream of sailing off into the sunset with your significant other, gazing as the colors of the sky reflect over the water’s surface and watching as dolphins ride alongside the boat surfing in its wake, look for a sunset sailing cruise. You can even bring along wine, beer, and food for those who want the culinary experience as well. destin sunset cruises
      3. Go jet-skiing. Rent a waverunner for an hour (or for the day!) and satisfy your need for speed. These fast, yet stable, watercraft are fun for the whole family and allow a different riding experience than a boat. Race across the water or test out spins while enjoying the water’s spray or go at a slower pace and explore waterways that aren’t as accessible by boat. For added fun, try a guided waverunner dolphin tour! jetskirentals
      4. Take flight via Flyboard or Parasail. With flyboarding, the rider stands on a board while strapped into a pair of boots. The boots are connected by a hose to a personal watercraft (similar to a jet ski), which allows the jet propulsion system to push water through the boots to launch you into the air like Ironman. You can propel above the water or dive headfirst into it while flipping and doing tricks in the air. If that’s too extreme, try parasailing. Soar high above the world’s most beautiful beaches on a parasail ride. Float along the emerald coastline alone or with a group of friends or family and let your troubles drift away as you take in the breathtaking sights of the water and coastline below. destin jet pack flyboard
      5. Hold an alligator (or at least feed one). Nothing says “Florida” quite like alligators! Visit Fudpucker’s Gator Beach, which is home to over 100 baby alligators, where you can feed the reptiles and even get your picture holding one (it’s safe, we swear!). destin things to do fun activities family
      6. Catch a big fishWith a rich history steeped in fishing tradition dating back to the 1800s, and a location along the 100-fathom curve, fishing opportunities abound in Destin. Offering some of the best fishing in the United States, Destin offers the largest, most elaborately equipped fishing fleet in Florida. From inshore fishing for species such as speckled trout, redfish, and flounder to sport fishing excursions for marlin, tuna, and swordfish, to everything in between, there are charter boats standing by to make your fishing dreams come true. july 2016 fishing report
      7. Helicopter Ride. Destin has several companies that will fly you along the beach in a helicopter. Nothing beats seeing the beach and the coastline of Destin from this vantage point!