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Crab Island is a great place to visit with your family when you’re in Destin. In the past, the underwater playground has developed a bit of a reputation as a “party place” and families sometimes are thrown off by photos posted online by the “party crowd”, which portrays Crab Island as a great place for adults to go get drunk. This has always been a great frustration for me, because, having grown up here in Destin, I know that those pictures don’t accurately represent one of my family’s favorite places to hang out. Well, times are a’ changin’, and this year, Crab Island has started to overcome it’s reputation with a few new family-friendly additions, such as the Crab Island Water Park.

featured on family friendly blog crab island I recently had the opportunity to take my kids out to the Crab Island Water Park on one of our boats to see what all the fuss is about and to get the 411 on pricing. We get a lot of phone calls asking about the Crab Island Water Park and how much it costs, so it’s nice to be able to provide that information here on our blog. Keep in mind that because Crab Island is accessible only by boat, that you WILL need to either rent a boat or take an excursion, such as the Crab Island Shuttle Boat, to get there. You can get boat rental pricing here: Prices. For more information about what and where Crab Island is, click here. Also, keep in mind that the inflatable water park is only available seasonally, usually between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and that we can’t guarantee when, or if, they will be open during your vacation. Need guaranteed inflatable access? Try the Crab Island Adventure Tour, an all-inclusive boat tour that offers a giant inflatable water slide, trampoline, and other water activities as part of the excursion.

The Crab Island Water Park is currently closed. Bookmark this page and check back for 2020 opening dates! 

What is the Crab Island Water Park?

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I have 3 boys, currently ages 13, 11, and 8. They have LOTS of energy, so the Crab Island Water Park seemed like a great fit for them. It’s basically a big inflatable obstacle course, complete with slides, climbing walls, a trampoline, balance beam, swing, and something called a “flipper” where one person lays on one side of the inflatable and someone else jumps on the other side to “flip” them up into the air and into the water. My boys loved EVERYTHING.

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How Much Does the Crab Island Water Park Cost?

how much does crab island water park costNow for the pricing: once you get to Crab Island, you will need an armband to play. Armbands for the Crab Island Water Park can be purchased at the pontoon boat anchored at the edge of the perimeter. You’ll see some signs for the water park hanging from the bimini top of the pontoon boat. It costs $15 per child for an armband, which is good for one hour. If you do two hours, the price is $20 per armband. There is an all-day pass for $35. There is no discount for multiple children (however, they did allow an adult to supervise for free, providing the adult isn’t actively playing on the inflatables.)

We opted for the two-hour option and it was perfect (also, it’s the exact amount of time you have if you opt to take the Crab Island Shuttle Boat to the sandbar). Our kids stayed occupied almost the entire time (they got sidetracked once by the ice cream boat) and we were able to hang out around the boat and relax in the beautiful water while we watched them play. I watched as one small child pitched a temper tantrum when his parents took him away from the water park because his hour was up, and was thankful that those days are mostly behind me. After 2 hours, our boys were worn out and ready to move on, so I definitely recommend paying the extra $5 for the 2-hour option.

In all, we had a lot of fun at the Crab Island Water Park inflatables and I would definitely recommend it to families spending a day on the water in Destin. But even if the obstacle course seems too overwhelming, there are still plenty of other family-friendly activities at Crab Island. It’s definitely a great hang out for people of all ages!

2019 Update: Crab Island Water Park has been replaced with several NEW versions (with some extra additions) over the past few years. Prices have not changed and it is just as much fun as ever!

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