crab island packingPlanning a trip to Crab Island and not sure what to pack for your day on the water? Check out our Crab Island packing list!

Crab Island Packing List

Must haves:

  • Towels-pretty self-explanatory on this one. You will most likely be getting in the water at some point. Bring a towel to dry off. Even if you’re not planning to get wet, if you get off the boat on any beaches, towels can help whisk away the sand when you get back on the boat.
  • Lotion sunscreen-sprays destroy boat upholstery. Please be kind and bring lotion sunscreen.
  • Cash/card and ID– Cash/card for the floating vendors at Crab Island. And it’s always a good idea to carry your ID for any reason. But you will need a driver’s license to rent a boat.
  • Sunglasses and hat – The boats do have bimini tops for shade, but the sun is STRONG y’all! Protect yourself!
  • If required: licenses (boating and/or fishing)


  • Cooler with ice, food, drink (alcohol is ok!) – You can generally find food options at Crab Island, particularly in the spring and summer months, but it’s nice to have options. Also, if you want to drink a beer, etc, you will have to bring your own, as alcohol can not be sold at Crab Island.
  • Football or frisbee to toss around in the shallow water
  • Portable charger-keep those phones charged in case you need to call your rental company with any questions or concerns. You’ll also need it for all of those amazing Instagram pictures! (Tag us at @destinboatrentals)
  • Bluetooth speaker -great for backup even if your rental boat comes with a stereo. Remember boat stereos stay outside all the time. They get wet/rained on and can malfunction.
  • Floaties and extra rope to tie them to your boat
  • Trash bags – it’s amazing how much trash you can generate in one day on a boat! A trash bag will help keep the clutter under control and prevent anything blowing off the boat into the water. Help keep our beautiful waters clean!