pack destin boat rentalSo, you’ve booked your boat rental…now what? Here at Destin Vacation Boat Rentals, our customers frequently ask us what they should pack for their day on the water, so we’ve decided to make a list of the top things you should pack to ensure a great experience!

1. Towels-Even if you don’t plan to get wet, towels are nice to have. You can use them to wipe sand off your feet, dry off if you do get wet, wrap them around your shoulders if the breeze make you feel cool, lay them across the seats if the kids get tired and want to nap, and on and on…you’ll definitely want to have some towels with you during your boat rental.

2. Sunscreen-The Florida sun can be brutal. Protect your skin with sunscreen. We recommend at least an SPF of 30. Don’t forget to reapply every few hours and after you’ve been in the water!

3. Cooler with water and snacks– It’s easy to work up a an appetite when you’re on a boat. And you’ll want to stay hydrated in the heat of the day.

4. Wallet with ID, Cash, and Credit Card-You’ll need your ID and a credit card to keep on file when you check out for your boat rental. Bring some cash, too, in case you want to visit the food or activity vendors at Crab Island.

5. Music-Our boats have stereos, but sometimes it’s nice to bring your own tunes! On our boats, you can plug in your iPod or iPhone (bring your auxilary cord) to listen to your own personalized playlist.

6. Sunglasses– Don’t forget the bring your sunglasses-the sun gets bright, especially when it’s reflected off the water.

7. Water toys-Floaties can be nice to have to float around in the water, sand pails if your kids like to collect things (shells, hermit crabs, etc)…

Hopefully, this gives you a starting point when you’re packing for your boat rental. Rest assured that if you forget something, there are places to stop and pick them up, even when you get out on the water. We even have some essentials here at our marina. :)