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Crab Island, Boating, & COVID-19

Boats anchored at Crab Island during COVID-19 **Update: All Florida Coronavirus Restrictions Have Now Been Lifted by Governor Desantis. ** Fishing & Boating Still Allowed During COVID-19 Pandemic The recent closure of Destin Florida beaches, parks, and restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic has left locals and those who are sheltering here in their [...]

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Crab Island Water Park: Inflatables & Crab Island

The former Crab Island Water Park ***The Crab Island Water Park is permanently closed due to restrictions on overnight anchoring from the County. Check out the new Crab Island Adventure Tour, which includes inflatables as part of the excursion. This tour is available, WITH inflatables, for the 2022 season!*** Crab Island is a [...]

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7 Destin Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020

Happy New Year! It's 2020 and Destin is in the headlines again-this time, on Fodor's Travel "Go list" . It seems almost every time we turn around, Destin is back in the news, winning some award for our beautiful beaches and world-class travel activities. If you've stumbled on this post looking for Destin attractions, here [...]

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15 Family-Friendly Spring Break Activities in Destin, Florida

One of my favorite things about Destin is that it has always been a family-friendly destination. Destin has gone to great lengths to discourage the type of party-oriented high school and college Spring Breakers who are known to frequent other beach towns, and it's apparent when the throngs of families show up each Spring Break to [...]

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