Thinking of renting a boat during your Destin vacation? This list will walk you through the most popular types of Destin boat rentals.

Top 3 Destin Boat Rentals

  1. new pontoon boat rentals in destin fl crab islandPontoon boat rentals. Pontoon boats are, without a doubt, the top boat rental of choice in Destin. Their ease of use, higher passenger capacity allowing them to carry large groups (usually up to 12 passengers), and comfortable seating layout make them an ideal choice for vacationers looking to explore the waterways of Destin. If you’re looking to tour the Destin Harbor, visit Crab Island, or explore the National Seashore, a pontoon boat is probably the top choice for your group. Pontoon boat rentals are versatile and allow for snorkeling, swimming, bay fishing, and leisurely cruising. They are also easy to drive, and the most cost-effective option for renting a boat.
  2. top destin boat rentalsDouble Decker Pontoon Boats. Double decker pontoon boats with slides are a relatively new addition to Destin’s offerings, but are quickly gaining in popularity as one of the top boat rentals in Destin in terms of popularity. Offering one or sometimes two water slides for the ultimate family fun experience, these boats will keep the young, and young-at-heart, occupied for hours. These boats are also larger than standard pontoon boats allowing for additional seating for extra passengers if you have a very large group (12-14 passengers). The double decker pontoon boats allow you to do many of the same types of activities with the added benefit of having water slides on board. This is typically the most expensive rental option, but well worth it!
  3. fishing boat rental destin harborCenter Console Boat Rentals. Center consoles are fiberglass v-hull boats set up primarily for fishing. Of course in the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village fishing boat rentals fall in the top 3 boat rentals in Destin. If you want to fish, or just get out into the Gulf (where pontoon boats cannot go), a center console boat rental should be at the top of your list. These boats are typically outfitted with additional gear/electronics (GPS, fishfinder, etc) to make your fishing trip a productive one and have larger engines to allow for more speed than you would get with a pontoon boat rental. Center console boat rentals do require more skill than operating a pontoon requires, so for this reason, experience is required. Expect to pay more for this type of boat rental than for a pontoon boat, but not as much as the double decker pontoon boats.

If you’re thinking of renting a boat in Destin and you want to discuss these different options to see what type of boat fits your needs the best, call Destin Vacation Boat Rentals at (850) 650-2628.