Crab Island’s Most Popular Floating Restaurant: WaterWorld

Water World: Spotlight on Crab Island’s Most Popular Floating Restaurant

Crab Island Floating RestaurantIf you want to truly experience Destin, a visit to Crab Island is a must. The sand bar is a popular gathering spot for boaters to enjoy the unique experience, complete with floating restaurants, mobile food vendors, and inflatable water parks for all ages.  And while you’re at Crab Island, you will probably want to pay a visit to Water World.

Waterworld, one of the most popular destinations at Crab Island, is a floating Cantina offering seafood, Mexican food, and drinks, and is one of the most photographed locations in Destin, most recently featured on HGTV in a show we filmed with them last October. They are known for their Shrimp poboy, reinvented fried bologna sandwich with arugula, pesto, and mozzarella cheese, french fries, and frozen drinks and virgin daiquiris (alcohol cannot be sold at Crab Island, but you can bring your own). The open air atmosphere of the floating restaurant is hard to beat and the thatched roof and island inspired decor truly delivers that sought-after vacation-getaway feel.

In addition to the food and drink offerings and laid back casual atmosphere, there is typically a DJ playing music, and even a floating dance floor located just off the deck. You can boat up, swim up, or walk across the sand bar but because Crab Island is only accessible by boat, you will need to bring your boat, rent one , or take a Crab Island excursion to get to Water World.

As with many of the water-related businesses in Destin, Water World is a seasonal business, and is typically open from Spring Break in March through fall break in October. If you’ll be visiting Destin during this time, make a trip out to Water World to experience this unique floating restaurant. You’ll be glad you did!

crab island floating restaurant

Guests enjoying the floating restaurant Water World at Crab Island.

crab island floating restaurant menu

Reinvented bologna sandwich


  1. Brittaney Huddleston says:

    I was curious how do we get to the inflatables? Do we have to rent a boat or does someone take us over there? How much is it to rent a pontoon with a slide and how long do we get it for. Basically, what all do you offer that is kid friendly and family fun with the prices?


  2. Robert l Patterson says:

    Nice place bring cash the bathroom is $ 10.00 to use. ” it cost $10.00 to use are bathroom, welcome to Florida “

    • Actually it makes sense, when you consider the costs associated with having a floating restroom and the logistics of waste disposal on the water. You can always return to the dock to use the restroom for free if you prefer not to pay them for the convenience.

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