How To Drive a Pontoon Boat

Here at Destin Vacation Boat Rentals, we get a lot of phone calls and emails asking, “How do you drive a pontoon boat?” So a couple of years ago, we decided to put together this little video that shows some of the basics about driving a pontoon boat.

As you’ll see, it’s similar to driving a car as far as steering. The main difference is that you’ll need to pay attention to the position of your motor and make sure it is positioned so that it is in the water but not touching the ground. You can do this with the tilt and trim button located on the throttle lever. The throttle lever is pretty simple, press forward to go forward (the more you push the faster you’ll go), and pull backward to go in reverse. Neutral is, not surprisingly, in the middle.

While this video won’t teach you everything you need to know about driving a pontoon boat, it will give you a good foundation to get started. We’ll go over everything else with you at the start of your rental!

Have other questions about driving a pontoon boat? We’re always happy to help! Leave us a question in the comments.
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  1. Peter Stevens says:

    When you go for a family trip in a pontoon boat and some of you can drive pontoon boat it will be a great pleasure for you. No driver will be needed. So this writing will really help who go on a pontoon boat at a regular interval. Besides you wont need extra money for a driver. And lastly it will definitely adventurous to drive a pontoon.

    And now my first task after reading this is to learn to drive a pontoon boat.

    Thank you.

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