TripAdvisor has long been a source of useful information for travelers. Because of this, many visitors turn to the Destin TripAdvisor forum for answers to questions about their upcoming trips to Destin. In order to make the experience easier for their online visitors, TripAdvisor implemented a Destination Expert program, which gives visitors extra help if they are having problems finding the answers to certain questions online. One of our Destin TripAdvisor Destination Experts is local realtor, Kerry McNulty, known on the Destin TripAdvisor forum as “JoeMammy”.

Destin TripAdvisor With TripAdvisor recently naming Destin as the #3 Travel Destination on the Rise in the entire US, and awarding Destin Vacation Boat Rentals with the “Recommended Business” award, I was thrilled to have recently had the chance to go behind the scenes with Kerry and find out a little bit about being a Destination Expert on the Destin TripAdvisor forums.

How long have you been a TripAdvisor Destination Expert?

I am very proud to be named the first Destin TripAdvisor Destination Expert in 2005. I have contributed over 3000 Destin informative posts since. I have been a web developer since 1994 (licensed Realtor since 2005) and was very experienced with Usenet Newsgroups , which were the early forums of the Internet.

How were you chosen as a Destin TripAdvisor Destination Expert?

TA takes recommendations from the forum readers for suggestions for experts and then they review the nominated’s posts. After many postings answering Destin related questions I was sent an email from TA asking if I would accept the position.  Years ago I also put up over 20 videos on YouTube all depicting areas of Destin or related to particularly interesting posts. They are still up and collecting traffic.

What is your role as a Destination Expert in Destin?

I usually check in a few times a day, if there are any new or especially tough to answer questions I’ll usually do my best to answer. Many new users will ask redundant questions that have been previously answered- there is a “Top Questions about Destin” area on the top right of the forum home page where I have answered the most asked questions.

What is the hardest part of being a TripAdvisor Destination Expert?

Trying to maintain an “ambassador” role and not to be too opinionated.  But users ask for expert opinions and I try to be totally truthful.

What would you say is the most frequently asked question in the Destin TripAdvisor Forums?

Many are looking for bargains on vacation rentals, dining and also weather conditions thoughout the year.

Do you have any tips on using the Destin forums for first-time visitors?

Use the “search this forum” feature and you’ll find the answers to all of the common questions.

How did you get the name JoeMammy?

I like to answer in humorous fashion when possible. I wanted to have a username that made it clear that I have a sense of humor – the moniker is a southern play on the old knock knock joke:

Knock Knock?

Who’s there? Joe

Joe who?

Joe Mama!

Destin TripAdvisor Forum Expert